As mini militia is a shooter game it has different types of guns, grenades, nitro etc. shooting games mainly focus on shooting using guns and bullets and different kinds of bombs. Most important thing in a shooter game is ammo if you have enough you will be able to survive and defend yourself. If you are out of ammo then they you get into trouble that usually the result is dead of character. Now it is possible to get unlimited ammo by using MOD.

One such MOD is mega MOD. The Mega Mod, also known as Ultra Mod, It initially came out with features such as Unlimited Ammo, Nitro and Superspeed. Later, most of them removed super speed as it was ruining the game of other players that didn’t have this feature, instead a faster jetpack feature was introduced. The XAP, APK and IPA files were created to make the mod run on different gaming platforms. You will have to use Minimilitiaapk to get unlimited ammo and that MOD might also come with more features too.


You may get features like following but they will vary depending on MOD

  • Health regeneration: regenerate your health faster than it does regularly.
  • Unlimited Nitro: you will get unlimited nitro and unlimited fly time.
  • Unlimited Ammo: You can fire continuously without going out of ammo and no reload is required too.
  • No reload: you won’t have to reload guns.
  • Unlimited Bomb: use as many bombs as you want to.
  • Pro pack: You can use all guns and duel wield during online gaming, and all avatars already unlocked.
  • All store item unlocked: All store items available for free in this MOD.

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